ISASecure® EDSA certification and CSSC Certification Laboratory

In March 2014, CSSC Certification Laboratory(CSSC-CL) has been accreditated by Japan Accreditation Board(JAB) that CSSC-CL meets all requirements for ISCI defined ISASecure® EDSA as well as for testing laboratory and product certification body. Since April 2014, CSSC-CL has launched to evaluate industrial control devices for EDSA certification and issue the EDSA certificate for the passed devices.


CSSC-CL(Certification Laboratory), shown in the figure, is physically located in but operationally independent from CSSC. Based on such an independent organization like that, CSSC-CL is operating an impartial and fair certification service.


Name CSSC Certification Laboratory (CSSC-CL)
Established August, 2013
Address UEC Alliance center 505, 1-1-1 Kojimacho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0026 JAPAN
Business ISASecure® EDSA certification